Pastor Ron Boldman

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  1. Mark Eley says:

    I had not heard Pastor Boldman speak in 28 years. It was really good to hear his voice again after so long. I was saved under his ministry a long time ago, and now I am in Chad, Africa listening to his sermons. He is as much a blessing now as he was when I was first saved. Keep on going.

  2. Debbie Roepcke says:

    As my grandsons would say…Pastor Boldman rocks!
    He married us in OH in 1976, best preacher I have ever heard and I have heard them all.
    Boldman has the ability to reach your heart….. your soul
    is never the same-
    God bless you, your wife Brenda and your children.
    God bless you for the profound work you did in the Minster, OH area, it mattered much!

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