Pastor Dave Hamner

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  1. Kaye Hemphill says:

    My husband and I were in Branson for a Christmas weekend! this past week; we went to the Hamner Barber magic show and that is where we were introduced to Pastor Dave. He invited the entire audience to attend his church on Sunday and we were intrigued. We made the effort to attend and thoroughly enjoyed the entire service. The music was spectacular and the message on Communion was powerful We are so glad that we got to attend and pray for God’s blessings to be on your church and congregation. We are Baptists in Oklahoma and will be praying for you!!!

  2. Carol Tapp says:

    Pastor Dave, how God is blessing us– to be able to listen to your sermons via your web site. I have so enjoyed being able to keep up with your messages on the Book of John.
    My husband,Jim,and I spend a lot of time in Branson and love to attend your services while we are there. You all have blessed our lives! Merry Christmas and we look forward to the beginning of the 2010 RV season(late March)so we can be there in person once again!

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